Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love & hate me me

I hate .....

1. I hate not to be always wake up early in the morning.
2. I hate being w/people, great pretenders or wannabe.
3. I hate to eat always "Frozen foods" but got no choice.
4. I hate cleaning the dog messed "poop & pee" he he he
5. I hate as in really hate when taking a bath "honestly" i just take a bath 3 times a week
he he he now you me hate now ha ha ha my husband always said i'm stinky,stinky

I Love .....

6. I love going to the mall like every weekend (window shopping only)
7. I love to READ all the time (pocketbooks of course)
8. I love to eat all the time.
9. I love to go out eat a restaurant every once in a while.
10. I love being a wife. I love you too darling.

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

te,ok lang ako kung masali dun sa filipina stories mo--kaya lang nahihiya ako.ikaw na pong bahala!
Love yah!