Saturday, March 21, 2009

almost 3 weeks gone....

I'm back at last.... helloo friends & helloo the world. So sorry, for been ignoring these past weeks. To all your messages & tagged for me. Almost 3 weeks i am gone. Because i lost my laptop. My laptop is fixed now. So, here i am trying to update my blogs. I know i've been neglecting my blog. My tasked all expired too. Its really hard if you lost your precious laptop. I can't function as well. I'm going to start one by one to all your request ok.

Today, i went to my sideline job. I have a lot of stocks in my product. I worked for one hour only. Because hubby is waiting outside. I need to work again on Monday. Still trying to sort out everything in order. After, we went to my friend house to get together. We had dinner over their house. Its just small get together.

Tonight, I test my new fixed laptop if its workin or not. I tested, i found out its workin good. The new keyboard is working so well. Kudos to the one who fixed it. Now, i am so happy again co'z i can talked to my friend online and yahoo messenger as well. Good Night! everyone.

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Clarissa said...

oh noo!!that's really depressing,Ate Weng!! But I'm glad they're back now!!

Hope all is well with you!Have a nice day!^_^