Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Proposed to Mary "Bestfriend"

I've been tagged by Clarissa of Kizuna . Thank you very much-- I enjoyed doing this and reminscing as well. ^_^ Though this might not be a romantic one, this is one of happenings of my life that I always keep.
My ideal of a perfect proposal is this: the setting will be at the beach, sunset( of course ) and there he'll give me the engagement ring and say the magic word " I wanna share the rest of my life with you, will you marry me? " .

Hi, bestfriend online .... i guess there's nothing romantic about proposed to marry. My husband and me before, we never talked about marry. But he will come and meet me so that i will believe that he is not just thru webcam. We need to meet to find out if he is really what he is i saw tru webcam and i talked tru yahoo chat. So, there's nothing to tell except that we really destined to each other coz after 8 months he met me and we decided to marry right away so thats the end of the story. Is your bestfriend is your husband?

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Clarissa said...

Thanks for posting this,Ate Weng!!Although our wedding proposal are not a romatic one,maganda naman ang pagsasamahan ng mga asawa natin and nothing beats that!!