Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best friend, Looking for a new place to Live?

Hi to all my friends. I am just curious to know if anybody of you is planning to look for a new place to stay? I do think about moving, hehehe.. I know that there are people now who are planning to move to where the job is available. I know there are many who are looking for jobs and I am one of those. But with this economy that we are facing now, I must see to it that I can save for that I am going to hire. Are you also considering this when you move to other places? I really do. I have to compare the ,that the movers companies offered. It always help to be a wise spender.

I want to experience working in other states if ever there is available job out there. and now I am considering , if ever I will move there for a job, I must have a place to stay and probably I will have a place for the mean time and maybe someday, I can buy a house if I can have enough money for it. hehehe I hope so.. Renting is the best option but I have to consider the price that I can afford. Am sure all of us are looking for the best to stay but affordable for our pocket.

How I wish it will be soon. I am now bored of staying in one place and with no stable job. It might be interesting to be in other places and try my luck there. I am just dreaming that one day, I can stay in a house of my own and with a stable job. Oh!! what a dream. As I go around the neighborhood, I am thrilled to see those big houses unoccupied because they are in , how I wish I can have a house like that of my own. I am just dreaming that someday I can move to that place with my hubby either here in this state or in another state. It is so exciting.

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Clarissa said...

Good luck,Ate Weng!!Sana matupad mo ang iyong mga pangarap sa buhay.Wishing you luck!^_^