Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No one can tell

No one can tell... when our right time come. Tonight i've got a message. My sister told me a very sad news. I'm so sad. As in so sad to my cousin and close friend in davao.She died in high blood pressure. I was worried to her children. She had 4 children, they are still a babies. Life is full of surprises nobody knows when is the right time for us. That's why every time i woke up in the morning. I always say thank you Jesus for the gift of life. Sometimes, there's a time i forget to pray. I felt so guilty about it. Because, Jesus love us unconditionally but our time with him is so limited. The only time ... we have more time with him is if we want something to get. We prayed hard to get it. It's really sad to know that we only remember him, when we needed him most. That's why me i'll try my best to be obedient in every way i can. Hopefully, this will last forever. Bye.. Ann , thank you for the happy memories. Thank you for all the ideas and Opinions. I know your in good hands right at this moment. Sayonara!!!

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Anonymous said...

sabi nga po, life is too short kaya dapat gawin na natin makabuluhan lahat ng ating gagawin sa sandaling pag stay natin dito sa mundo..