Friday, April 24, 2009

Book's for inspiration

I was amazed how famous today. Pocketbooks Tagalog Romance novels. Before ... cheap ang tingin nila if makita kang nagbabasa ng pocketbooks? Now..Pocketbooks is no.1 bestseller in the market today.

I from BusinessWorld Weekender I

. P300-P500 and run up to roughly the same number of pages of over 300-500. In comparison, Precious Hearts Romances range from P37 for an average of 120 pages to a special edition selling at P75 for over P250 pages. (These are so popular that they’re also being distributed in Hong Kong.) Bookware’s My Special Valentine series of books are even cheaper and shorter, sold at a flat P29 for 96-98 pages on average.

Publishers are split on the question of whether a romance originally written in English and translated to Tagalog will be as well-received by the audience of Tagalog romance novels; some say it will work just as well because romance is a universal language, others that the target market won’t possibly be able to relate. Read More: I From BusinessWorld Weekender

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