Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cacai, best friend

Hi, there ...

It's been here for a long time. In my blog lists. I've added you and no time to update and checked it in my lists. I'm cool now, before i am so addict in blogging world. These days, unfortunately i can't update anytime. Because i am so busy. Taking care of my loving husband. Hes my one and only love for my life. My world evolve only to him and of course to my best friend TV and Romance Novels. And of course my blogs. I checked it everyday, checked in my dashboard who update their blogs and that's how i found your blogs. I followed you. Thank you so much cacai ... P.S sorry, i did not open your blog tonight my internet connection is so slow. I will tomorrow. See yah and Thank you so much for adding my 2 blogs. Cheers!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi friend, am wond'ring who this Cacai is, is it me? heheh.. am just kidding.. I hope it's me this Cacai is. muahhh!