Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friends is hard to find....

I've received too many Christmas Cards last year 2007. I got 63 Chirstmas Cards greetings from online friends and friends here in Carolina too. In the year 2008 i only got 25 Christmas Cards maybe because i was not active anymore in any online networking so much. Because i was busy making online money on blogging world. In this year 2009 i hope i will still receive few greetings from a friend to all my online friends. Friends from neighborhood, friends from every where around the world.

Last year its was very meaningful to me. Because i found a lot of true friends around the corner. Friends you know who you are...hope your not going to be changed. I hope that our friendship will last forever and it will not wither in one spun of test, trial along the way. Friends is hard to find.

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