Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I got it!

I got it! for waiting almost a month. I got it, the other day, my wallmart card. Because it took so long, i'm very excited to sign it. My big mistake i signed at the wrong line... When the costumer service incharge tried to swipe its not working. It's my fault. What i just did is the sign of stupidity. Laugh.Laugh.Laugh. But after a 15 minutes the signed erase ... after wiping ,wiping it all over again in a wet paper napkin in the bathroom. People staring at saying " what are you doing??? gosh...its really a bad day for me.

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Jason said...

Great site you have here. I have a site myself that provides inspiration and guidance to people around the world. I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange.

I love your site and I'll be back again often.