Monday, December 7, 2009

Bestfriend, I'm so thankful.

Because, lately i was feeling a little bit self-pity everything was not normal to me. I am always been a fighter even at the hardest moment in my life.Life in the philippines has taught me so well to become tough. I dunno what happen but these days. I feel fragile. Now...for almost 3 years in a row. I' aint not workin. I'm jobless. Plain housewife. Do nothing. Sleep.Watching TV... Computer etc... i'm freaking tired of my worked. I need more challenging but i can't do this coz i'm not driving. I thought driving is so easy. When i took the permit exam i pass w/flying colors. Everything i do before ...i always get the best. But in driving... i failed... now, i lost my confidence anymore. I thought everything i can handle so easy but its not coz i can't trust myself anymore. When i was in school i always make sure i do my very best. Sometimes i get on top.I thought i could do it in one click but i can't. Only God knows the answer. So, now i will give up all my plans. Because...every time i plan i fail. Many times also. No plans but i well just enjoying my freedom.


I'm thankful to the lord. Thank you lord for all the blessing. Thank you so much. I am so blessed. Praise the Lord Almighty. Amen. Hallelujah to Jesus our King of kings. Thanks to all my friends there and here thank you. Because today. I felt i need to shout to the world how blessed i am. Everything i have is from the lord. So, i need to give him praise. Amen.

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