Monday, December 7, 2009

Reminiscing the past.

Is Christmas mean to you? and why? Sometimes i get the feeling that Christmas is time to get away with people you know. Why? It's because some people think that they will just greet you because they want to get from you. Is this the reason why? Godmother and Godfather where are you now? Is this Christmas season is a burden. When i was a in my teens and teenager time. I was so happy because Christmas is coming up. I'm hoping that something good will gonna happen to me. Like receiving gifts from Godmother. Unfortunately, my Christmas day is lonely. Nobody, give me a gift. Nobody.Nobody. I cried, because i said to myself that if i will grow up and learn how to make money. I won't settled for less. I will try to work as hard so that i will earn a lot of money. That i won't be always short out of money. Because that is what happen in my family. Always, out balance in money. No gifts. No Celebration. I celebrate, anyhow but not in our house. My Aunt neighbor house. That's make me so sad even more... just reminiscing the past.

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N said...

I love a very simple Christmas with the immediate family. No gifts just simply chatting and catching up on everything. Oh yeah, singing Christmas Carols at my relatives houses and plenty of delicacies to

I still need to call you, I need your address. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the comments.