Friday, January 8, 2010

Sent messages...

I sent message to this certain lady. She bid twice already on my items. At first she didn't paid me. No messages, no anything. Ebay, said i need to wait 4 days. Then after 4 days i can close the transaction.Then i need to sent again the 4 days. Wow, its 8 days already. Then Ebay...remind me not to talk harsh words etc. To avoid bad effect or negativity in my part. Its really hard on my part also not get pissed. Anyway, i tried my very best not to say anything bad. This is my letter

....Just let me know, if you are ready to pay. This time i will not close the transaction. I will give you 10 days from January 07,2010 to January 17,2010 i hope you're your not get offended i need to report it in ebay in order to get back my refund for the SALES that i didn't get paid. Everytime i post i paid posting FEE for certain days.5 days up to 10 days. Then plus the total sales of the amount.I'm not earning much money here sometimes,i lost some hundred dollars for these expensive hobbies. I hope you will understand. Thank you. Good day.

I hope she will pay this time... happy reading in my blog.

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