Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm back ... best+friend!

May 8,2010. Today is my Mother birthday. I missed her so badly. If i can turn back the time only. We are all grown-up now. Have our own family already, but motherly advises been longing for so long. My mother died i was turning 9 years old. Now, i am lovely at 32` ha ha ha... its been 23 years. Mother, Happy happy Mother's day. We loved you and We missed you." So much for my drama

"I'm back... i will post more pictures soon. I was so busy lately that i neglected my once first love my blog. I was blog hopping today and seen the new world of blogging. They're blog was really nice, neat and awesome. I know that filipina is smart. Creative.Opinionated.Designer. And most of all pretty, beautiful, wonderful. My Co-blogger. Good Morning, Saturday.

Plan for today.

9:00 Am - breakfast Cracker Barrel.
10:00 Am - going to post-office. Sending package.
11:00 Am - going to land-fil throwing our garbage.
12:00 pm - prepare lunch for my darling. Preparing pancit-canton for the birthday.
1-2: 00 pm- Shopping to Walmart. Need for my gardening. Soil.Bricks.Seeds.
3-4-5:00 pm- Inside Walmart, Sam's Club and Lowe's Home Improvement.
6:00 pm - Heading to home and preparing for my gardening.
7:00 pm - One Hour Stay outside
8:00 pm- Inside The house watching TV and eat dinner.

End of Saturday...looking forward for tomorrow Sunday. Happy Mother's Day.

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