Thursday, May 27, 2010


Most of the times, often than not misunderstanding is the best trouble maker. I had a headache of thinking out loud! Why? A Friendship will end separate ways. Its because the truth hurts. The truth is Life is Unfair. I wanted to be happy but i can't!!! just the same way. I wanted to be friends or BFF forever but it can't be!!! because life is like that.... Life your so near but yet too far.... The True Best+friend is Jesus. If you got Jesus... in our hearts. Forgive is easy. Letting go is not easy but in the long will be fade in time. Though, as much as i wanted my way. Jesus is the way is the life,the truth and the way that make everything is in order. In time all wound be healed.Have a blessed night everyone.

->Weekend plan.
Saturday. Sunday.Monday. (Surprise)

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